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High Pressure Air Compressors 2015-2016

When you have an overwhelming job to finish, you require a compressed air machine that can face the challenge and help you with the power it requires. A high pressure air compressor is good to have in a variety of industries, from commercial uses to construction. High pressure air compressors will always help and do an excellent job for you.

There are numerous brands that offers air compressors with high pressure so there is a wide selection to choose from. They vary in prices but you can however find really good high pressure air compressors for a fairly good price to stay in your budget.

Down below I am going to review one of the best compressors with high pressure on the market right now:

Makita AC310H 2.5HP High-Pressure Air Compressor

Highly-Efficient Two-Stage Pump

The AC310H has a much more effective four-pole induction motor functioning at 1,720 RPM when it comes to better displacement at lower RPM with reduced sounds, and a highly-efficient dual-head (two-stage) pump which builds up to 400 PSI capacity. The low AMP draw reduces the occurrence of tripped breakers as well as voltage drop during start-up.

The AC310H possesses dual capacity, with two universal couplers for conventional nailers (3.6 CFM at 90 PSI) and two couplers for high tension nailers (2.7 CFM at 300 PSI). It has an oil-less pump for maintenance-free operation, with a roll cage and kick plate to withstand severe jobsite surroundings. The huge rubberized bumpers are designed for added durability, with large regulator handles for much easier adjustments.

HP LogoMakita High Pressure Compressor Technology

Makita provides the future of pneumatics with brand-new high-pressure technology. The new technology dramatically boosts air pressure produced in the compressor and supplied to pneumatic nailers. The outcome is an exceptional power-to-weight ratio and a more efficient system than conventional compressors and nailers. Makita high-pressure technology is engineered to meet the demand for pneumatic nailers that are more portable with reduced weight and a better match, yet have the capacity to drive nails into a wide range of materials including the progressively dense engineered lumber used in framing construction. Makita High Pressure Pneumatics delivers enhanced efficiency, productivity and functionality.

The AC310H is actually engineered with High Pressure Technology which dramatically boosts air pressure created inside the compressor and supplied to pneumatic nailers. The outcome is a superior power-to-weight ratio, and a more effective unit than conventional compressors. The AC310H is simply one more example of Makita's dedication to cutting-edge technology and best-in-class design.

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